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Radiance Painting has an extensive experience servicing homes as well as commercial or community settings ranging from retail centers, office buildings, stores, warehouses, restaurants and churches. We are confidently qualified delivering a full range of wall covering options and assistance for your home, office and institutions.

Adding wallpapers can give you a wide variation of ambiance and looks such as unique patterns, faux paint, textures and the likes. Wallcoverings are in demand as it enhances bathrooms, foyers and kitchens and are commonly used on ceilings and accent walls.

Digital technology nowadays has given rise to more products in the wall covering business bringing about top of the line designs and context as well as the emergence of custom murals. It can depict anything from a landscape to a historical scene as well as a family photo as part of your decorative wall coverings. We are proud to use high tech equipment and wallpapers giving us the edge in providing the exact look and feel our clients would need depending on their creative ideas for wall coverings.

Radiance Painting Madison wall covering ensure that the wall surfaces are properly prepared before hanging wallpaper, so that it remains in place, and the work doesn’t need to be carried out again in a short period of time. Our work will include, if necessary, the reapplication and repair of drywall and plaster surfaces, covering for damaged walls and skim coating the surface to make sure there is a smooth finish for a perfect application. If there is existing wallpaper in place, we are experts at wallpaper removal, and will remove what is currently there, and again prepare the surface prior to installing the new paper.

New wall covering installation services include:

  • Vinyl Coated Papers
  • Commercial Vinyl
  • Borders
  • Grass Cloths
  • Custom Murals
  • Foil wall coverings
  • Digital Murals
  • Block Prints
  • Silk Wall coverings
  • String Linens
  • Hand-Trimmed Papers
  • Hand-Trimmed Borders
  • Glass-Beaded Wall coverings
  • Wood Veneers
  • European Papers

If you would like to get a free, no-obligation quote for interior wall coverings and your exterior wall covering needs please do schedule one of our wall covering experts to have an estimate of the work, please do not hesitate to call us at (608) 960-9865. We look forward in doing business with you!