Using Paint Like Wallpaper

If you are looking for a way to add a splash of cozy charm to your home? Here is a great trick to add some motifs to your living environment without the drawn out process of laying wall applying wallpaper.
A paint job can proffer the same stylish atmosphere as wallpaper with the correct application and little patience. Give yourself an afternoon to play your favorite tunes and immerse yourself in this DIY adventure that completely change the aspects of a room.

Step 1: Selecting a Brilliant Color Combination

The basic design options would be simplest if done in two-colors, for simplicities sake, this DIY guide will illustrate this process. However if you are feeling creative the methodologies mentioned in here can be extrapolated to a great number of possible color schemes and dynamic styles to suit the taste of the individual.

The pattern will be painted onto the wall, so choose a combination that works well. White is a great choice for every color when applying this motif to your wall –except of course a white wall– it adds a nice contrast and makes the room brighter and cheerier.

Make sure the wall you are going to work on is clean and clear and the paint is in good condition –if not repaint it first.

Step 2: Applying the Motif

The wallpaper like effect will be achieved by sketching out a motif onto the wall. In order to achieve a uniform look and make the illusion believable, there are many stencils that can be down loaded from this link HERE! (Place link Here!)

The motif you choose will dynamically change the atmosphere and the mood of the room. Imagine sharp corners and jagged edges creating a jazzy, if somewhat tense, atmosphere.

To achieve a soothing calming atmosphere a smooth curves and flowing lines will soothe the senses, then there are pin stripes and ornate Victorian iron work, you could even arrange a series of silhouettes across the wall symmetrically –or asymmetrically, its your wall!

Be sure to size the stencils correctly before sketching them onto the wall. Masters of the DIY Arts will indubitably be able to achieve a uniform arrangement on mind power alone, but if you want to be really sure you get the pattern straight don’t be ashamed to use a straight edge.

With the stencil you will begin outlining the pattern on the wall — give yourself a gap between each stencil outline, we suggest half an inch, but wider is OK, too.

Get comfortable and pencil in the entire wall. Step back and look over the project — if you have the time and energy to continue move onto the next step.

Step 3: Painting in the Patterns

Take out the paint you have selected and begin filing in the gap that you left between the stencils –if you left a half inch gap a half inch brush will do perfectly for this job. Go slowly over the entire wall being sure to keep your strokes consistently in a uniform direction.

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