Who wouldn’t be excited about painting their new home?

Yes, we know that you are, but before you rush ahead, wait a few minutes; there are a few things you need to take into consideration before buying paint for your new home.

Just like with any other project you will need to carefully prepare and plan for your painting project. You will have to make a budget, decide how much paint to buy, where to search for paint, type of paint, etc., These things are very important and should be given a careful thought for your painting project to be a success.

These things are very important and should be given a careful thought for your painting project to be a success.

This article will look at 15 things that you should consider before buying house paint for both the interior and the exterior of your new home.

Also in this article, you will find some extra tips that will assist you to make an informed purchase.

  1. Measurement

This should be the first item of consideration before selecting paint colors for your new home.

Take the measurement of your walls so that you will have an approximate idea of how many gallons of paint you will need. Bear in mind that one gallon of paint covers 400 square feet.

  1. Amount of Paint Needed

If you are unsure as to how much paint will be needed for your new home, simply visit some of the paint manufacturers websites and see which of these websites provides a calculator that you can use for calculation.

You can also use this formula:

Total width of walls x room height/350 = square footage for a gallon.

  1. Selecting Paint Colors

First, you will need to get some samples. Visit your nearest home depot or any other paint store and buy yourself a quart of two of the color you have in mind then go home and paint a piece of panel to see the effect of the light on it at different times of the day.

You can also request a color chart and match different colors against your wall to see how well they look. Seek advice from your store salesperson about the various color for the look and feel that you want.

You can also bring a sample of the color that you have in mind to the paint store because paint store can use an equipment that will make an exact color match, and the service is usually free.

  1. Credible Paint Brands

Many people may argue that any brand of paint is good enough. But it is advisable that you buy credible brands that are well known. Credible brands are used regularly by homeowners and furthermore, they will offer a warranty.

Also, choose brands that fit well to the surface that you are painting. Check and make sure that the brand you buy is safe and does contain harmful chemicals because the number one complaint among painting contractors is that latex paints contain lots of toxic materials.

So, do your homework and don’t rush to buy paints that are not credible.

  1. Paint Cost

The cost of paint is expensive but it’s worth your investment in the long run. Therefore, you need to know the square footage of your new home. If you buy paints that are less expensive and not lasting you will have to apply two coats, while the more expensive all-in-one paints will only require one coat.

Compare costs before buying. An all-in-one Sherwin Williams paint that has a durable finish will cost you approximately $86 per gallon. Check different suppliers and brands and buy wisely.

Here are some more brands of satin finish paint with an estimated cost per gallon for 2017:

Brand Satin Price per Gallon Avg. Coverage Sq. Ft.
Glidden $24.98 450
Olympic $25.98 400
Sherwin Williams $45.98 400
Valspar $42.98 400


  1. Type of Finishing

Don’t just buy any paint. Not all paints are suitable for the certain weather and for certain surfaces. Buy a credible brand that is long lasting. When choosing paints for your home interior, choose paints with high gloss finishing. These paints are easier to low maintenance and easier to clean. They are also perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, or living room.

  1. Affordability & Durability

Think about value for your money. There are many paints on the market that are quite affordable but may not last long. You need to make sure that whichever paint you buy is durable. Look for paint that will last for up to 10-25 years.

  1. Supplies & Safe Equipment

If you will be doing the paint job yourself, you will need to think about the supplies needed for the job such as: –

  • Brushes – buy brushes that have long bristles. For water-based paint by nylon brushes and for oil base paints buy natural brushes.
  • Cloth
  • Tape
  • Paint Rollers – a 3/8 inch or thicker roller can be used for rough surfaces and a 1/4
  • Ladder


The cost for these supplies will also be an area for consideration. However, if you are hiring a painting contractor then the estimated cost may cover supplies as well.

  1. Get an Estimate

If you are considering using paint contractors, get and compare estimates from several contractors first before choosing. This will allow you to make a budget, and will also save you time and money. Be sure to ask about the process they will use. For instance, if they are going to use spray paint, it will cost you more to paint, so make sure that these things are clearly outlined to you.

Speed will also be a factor because the longer a contractor takes to finish the more money it will cost. Make sure you are certain of all charges and time frame before signing a contract.


  1. The look and feel

When you open the entrance to your door, how do you want to feel? If you want to feel calm and comfortable, then think about buying neutral paints. Buying neutral paints do not mean that you will have to stick to brown or white. You can use light green or even brown. These colors will give you a serene, and elegant feeling.

If you need a vibrant look, choose colors that are vibrant such as purple and red. Orange and gold are also vibrant colors. For a soothing look, you will choose colors such as baby blue, or light green. These colors will look perfect in the bathroom or bedroom.

  1. Think about your furniture

You will certainly want your painting to blend with your furniture so buy paints that will complement your furniture to give your rooms a more uniform look. For example, if you have brown furniture, white paint would be best for the walls because white paint when match with brown enhances the brightness of a room. Green and pale blues are also cool colors that complement brown.

  1. Purpose of the Room

This too is a matter of concern before applying any paint. Think about what the room will be used for. Think about the room that you spend most of your time in and how it makes you feel. For instance, if most of your time is spent in the bedroom, then you will buy a paint that will match your mood and personality; one that will make you feel calm and peaceful no matter how rough your day was.


  1. Attention to Details

Once you have figured out the paint that you will use for your walls, you will need to think about other areas such as the ceiling, skirting boards, windows, etc., In most homes these are painted white, however, if you buy off-white it will still have the same harmonious look just like the white.

  1. Architectural Style

Take into consideration the architecture of your new home before buying your paint. Think long term – will you be thinking about selling the house in the future? If so, think about paints that will enhance the architectural style of the building.

  1. Your Landscape

If you are unsure about what paint color to purchase, you can draw inspiration from the colors of your geography. The paint color you buy for your new home should harmonize with the trees, the sky, the mountain, etc.,

  1. Your Neighbors

Before buying paint, examine the house colors of your neighbors. Yes, as a new homeowner, you may want your home to look different or you may want to make a statement, but at least try to buy a paint color that will blend in with your neighboring environment.

Types of Paint

Get Familiar with Different Types of Paint Before Buying for your new home!

As a new homeowner, you need to be familiar with the different types of paint coatings and paints before venturing out to buy paint for your new home.

  • Primers and Sealers

Primers are what you will use to seal your surface. They will ensure that your painting lasts and will eliminate peeling and any pre-mature failure.

  • Odour-less Paint

Paints usually have an overpowering scent which can be very harmful. This is the reason why most homeowners are now turning to odor-less paint. This type of paint consists of natural elements instead of chemicals and petroleum. It is also water-based and doesn’t have any solvent or ammonia. However, it may cost much more than traditional paint and may not be as durable.

  • Finish Paints

Latex and Alkyd are the two types of paint that are used. Alkyd is oil-based paint and tends to be harder to use. Latex has an excellent finish and is easy to clean up with soap and water. It dries quickly and doesn’t have a high odor. You may have heard about enamel paints. These paints have some gloss to the finish and have a higher concentration of resin.

Be careful when it comes to gloss because there are 4 levels of gloss sheen. Decide if you need to buy: –

  • Flat paints – flat paint gives a matt finish that will help to hide any flaws in the surface. It is normally used in areas that are not exposed to wear and tear.
  • Satin Finish – this has a soft luster sheen like that of an eggshell, thus the reason it is also called eggshell finish. It gives a much harder surface finish than that of a flat paint and is more durable and stain resistant.
  • Semi-gloss – this is used on heavy surfaces like in the kitchen and the bathroom. It is durable and easy to clean.
  • Gloss – this is harder, more durable and stain resistance. Out of all the paint finishes gloss paints are the easiest to clean and are the best choice for floor, stairs, bathrooms, and kitchens.


Now that you are familiar with the different types of paint you need to know what type of paint you should buy. Well, it all depends on how much wear and tear your surface will get. According to the consumer guide report, latex paint is the favorite among homeowners to use on their walls because it is fade resistant. Not only that, latex paint can be clean easier than oil based paint.

However, for wood moldings and trims, some homeowners go for an oil based paint because it seals stains and knots better than the latex paint. Remember that oil based paint takes longer to dry than the latex paint.

It’s all up to your budget, your choice, and your preference to make the wise choice when buying paints.


Don’t rush to buy paint for your new home without careful thought. Seek expert advice from your contractor or ask a sales representative to go through the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen brand and color of paint. Make sure that you buy and use safety equipment to minimize injuries. Purchase quality rollers and brushes. If you don’t have a ladder, considering buying one for those hard to reach areas.

Finally, be smart when shopping around for paint and buy wisely so that you don’t exceed your budget! However, most times “you have to spend money, to save money”.

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